Advantage One

TUV CE approved medical device


Advantage Two

Postive clinical test report support


Advantage Three

Worldwide doctor wholesalers


Wuhan ATANG Technology Co.,LTD is a fast developing high technology manufacture

in field of using cold lasers for medical treatment with our patented design and own brand--ATANG  &  LASPOT.


We have a unique range of devices such as

LLLT laser watch therapeutic device, Cold laser pain management therapy device, Vaginal therapy device, Insomnia CES therapy device ,Skin Beauty therapy device.

Which combination of different laser wavelengths

With Chinese acupuncture we see significantly improved therapeutic results,

across many different areas of medicine including blood clean,pain management,

rehabilitation, dermatology, dentistry, neurology, orthopedics,

acupuncture and also for Cardiovascular laser therapy.

ATANG combined Chinese acupuncture with laser therapy technology;

promote the green medical treatment; Make contribution to the human health care.


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