3 color laser pain releif device, red laser, blue&yellow LED

3 color laser pain releif device, red laser, blue&yellow LED


Red laser

1 diode laser  808nm

6 diode lasers with 650nm

Blue Light

3 diode blue led lights

Yellow Light

3 diode yellow led lights




Body deep tissue pain.Back pain. Neck pain. shoulder pain, elbow pain, knee pain ,Waist pain, Arthritis, Chronic Pain Relief, Noninvasive Pain Management, Sports injures rehabilitation, would healing, Veterinary using (Cat,dog, horse etc)


Laser medium
Laser wavelength
Red laser 808nm+650nm
LED color
 yellow Light  +  Blue light
Timing range
10~30mins for adjustment
Environment temperature
-20degree ~40 degree
Relative Humidity
Power supply
Rechargeable Lithium battery with 1800m Ah
1pc/box, 26*12*7cm

Therapeutic Principle


Low intensity laser applied to biology, there is no irreversible damage to biological organization,just cause a series of physiological and biochemical changes, such as anti inflammatory and analgesic, convergence wound, desensitization, adjust the body function.

Our machine using 808nm for medical use and 650nm for household use, through specific parts of irradiation and using light radiation of laser and wavelength relation to change the biological characteristics as well as directly penetrate the meridian, producing more biologica eyzeme. Caused a series of physiological and biochemical changes to treat kinds of disease. Such as the cervical spondylosis, lumbar disc of herniation, frozen shoulder, arthritis, prostatitis.

In addition, the various lasers have different inherent qualities: The red laser is good for tissue regeneration,which lends itself for chronic pain.

Blue light has anti-inflammatory effects, which helps in acute pain. Enhances NO production ,activates telomerase (Anti-Aging!) By increasing the activity of fibroblasts blue light optimizes wound healing and improves the oxygen utilization in the tissue.

The yellow light can be used for detoxification, has antidepressant qualities and photosensitizes hypericin, which is known to have antidepressant qualities. The various types of laser mentioned can be used interstitially, intravenously and just on the skin surface over acupuncture points. The mitochondria of the cells get activated to produce more ATP, which the cells use to heal themselves.


1: LLL noninvasive irradiation, no any side effect, totally green physical therapy.

2: Perfectly combine 808nm with 650nm,Perfectly treat the body pain from 5MW-150MW

3. Combine red laser acupuncture and blue yellow light therapy, better effect on pain relief

4: Certification and patents protection provided with the passing of TUV 0197CE,ISO13485,ISO9001,CFDA.

5. Portable household physiotherapy devices, small size, intelligent design, easy operation and convenient carrying.

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