415nm blue led light therapy vaginal tightening device

415nm blue led light therapy vaginal tightening device


415nm blue led light therapy vaginal tightening device


· Sterilize vaginal bacteria (Coleitis) such as Coccus,Bacillus or albicans saccharomyces, also repair the vaginal mucosa
· Vaginal Tightening ( Birth Canal rehabilitation)
· Immune Enhancer vagina
· Detox
· Postpone menopause
· Eliminate Odors and pruritus
· Increase the vaginal sensitive to improve sex life quality.
· Treat Stress Incontinence


When different wavelengths (colors) of light shine on the skin, they are absorbed into the skin, setting off natural processes within it. Different results are achieved depending on the color of the light.

Light stimulates healing reactions in the body—reactions that continue even after the light is removed. Tiina Karu’s research, exploring the specific ways monochromatic or single colors of LED light trigger healing, proved LED light improves metabolism

Our AT-2 vaginal tight device adopt the specific wavelength of 415NM Blue light to irradiate the vagina and mucous membrane, Form the single peptide oxygen to kill bacteria.

Blue light is an effective vaginal tight&bacterial way treatment with a long list of benefits such as:

It kills bad bacteria.
It helps regulate mood and circadian rhythms.

Furthermore, with vibration function, effectively for vaginal tightening and enhance vaginal sensitivity so as to effectively improve sex life

LEDS have given us a convenient and easy way to use light therapy for health. LED technology has made it easy to add special healthy frequencies to light therapy.


STEP 1 Use the 415NM Blue LED to Sterilzing and Repair vaginal mucosa, light therapy for 10 minutes

STEP2 Massage& Vibration therapy for 15minutes,massage timer is 15mins, it can work with light therapy at the same time,the curative effect is better

TRETMENT Frequency: 2~3 times per week, severe situation double times.

Packaging & Shipping

We packing by standard air shipment cartons.
We Choose air fast express shipment. Including DHL/Fedex/ TNT/ UPS/EMS etc.
It cost 1-2 days to Hk. Then from HK to customer door all over the world around 3-7 working days.

Company Information
Wuhan Guangdun Technology Co.,LTD is a laser medical device manufacture
located in Wuhan,Hubei Province of China– Optical Valley.

As a “Laser & Acupuncture”laser medical high-tech enterprise, we establish our own brand– LASPOT.
Which Including wrist-type laserwatch therapeutic instruments.
LLLT pain relieve therapy device.
laser acupuncture pain management therapy device
Nasal-type semiconductor laser therapeutic instruments.
Vaginal therapy device.
CES insomnia therapy device.
Skin Beauty therapy device.

Our products are approved by TUV 0197 CE, ISO 13485,
ISO9001 CFDA Which Make contribution to the worldwide Laser therapy industry.

We attended Canton fair, expomed eurasia, ARAB HEALTH, SEA Care 2016
Our customers from Thailand, Ecuader, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Turkey, Dubai, Norway, Hungary, France, India, Australia, United states, Canada, Brazil, Chile, England, Czech Republic, Saudi Arabia, Cameroon etc


1 Are you manufacture and what’s the Warranty?

Wuhan Guangdun technology Co.,ltd Is real this machine manufacture and located in Optical valley,
Wuhan,China. OEM, ODM always warmly welcome!
All our machine One year freely warranty, and lifetime maintenance.
2 Benefits of of use our vaginal Treatment device:

100% natural and non-invasive
drug-free with no adverse side effects short or long term
safe for all ages and safe for daily use
easily self-administered in your own home
no down-time
does not stop working over time
may be effective against antibiotic resistant strains of acne causing bacteria.
decreases inflammation
speeds skin healing
facilitates healing

3 What is the AGE Range to use this device?

AT-2 can be beneficial for women of all ages. It’s a great choice for mothers in their 30s or 40s who might need tightening after childbirth. The process of childbirth can severely stretch and tear the vaginal walls and surrounding tissues, but with this home use device can definitely help repair these issues, make the vaginal become tight, also help treat stress incontinence

Additionally, it’s a great choice for women in their 40s, 50s, or 60s who are beginning the process of menopause. Women who are aging have decreased estrogen, which can lead to thinning, inflammation, and drying of the vagina.

AT-2 offers these women tissue repair, increased tightening, and increased lubrication to make sex more enjoyable. Also, for the women who are in their 20’s readying this, even you can benefit! The treatment can lead to better orgasms by improving your overall vaginal health.

4 Who is Particularly suitable to purchase our products?

1 Postpartum mother(birth canal rehabilitation)
2 Who Need treat gynecological inflammation, Sterilize vaginal bacteria( Coleitis) such as Coccus,Bacillus or albicans saccharomyces.
3 who want Improve vaginal sensitivity(Improve sex apathy, enhance sex life)
4 who want Detox and eliminate odors and pruritus and postpone menopause
5 who want treat stress incontinence/Urinary incontinence


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