Veterinary use 650nm LLLT low level laser therapy for pet

Veterinary use 650nm LLLT low level laser therapy for pet



1. Pet animal arthritis
2. Pet animal Wound healing
3.Horse cat dog Sports injures rehabilitation

1. Pet animal arthritis
LLLT is a non‐invasive light source treatment. It is also called photobiology or biostimulation. LLLT is believed to affect the function of cells , accelerate connective tissue repair and act as an anti inflammatory agent. Lasers with 650nm and 808nm are used in the treatment animal arthritis

2.Pet Wound healing
Low level laser stimulate the cells to increase the production of certain enzymes which affect cell proliferation or cell division, thus increasing the healing speed of a wound.

3. Animal Sports injures rehabilitation
LLLT use light photons to irradiate an area of injury to relief pain and promote animal natural healing process. It reduce inflammation and encourage cell reproduction, offering pain relief and treat injures.


1. Press power “on/off” for two seconds, you will see the LCD screen is on
2. Press “T” to adjust time, 10/15/20/25/30 mins optional
3. Press “P” to adjust power level, level 1 is pulse work mode. Level 2/3/4 is continuous work mode
4. Again short press the “ON/OFF” to start treatment, you will see the laser probes are emitting the laser light. Put the device to the pain area.
5. Long press the “ON/OFF” to turn off the device

1. clear the skin before treatment;
2. Avoid the sweat, anything in black color like hairs and mole.
3. If you feel any uncomfortable, please just remove the device to stop treatment


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